A Helpful Guide For A Fundraising Platform

Fundraising Platform

Crowdfunding is a great way to collect funds for a sincere cause. There are many audiences who are willing to help you with your cause if your reason is genuine and legitimate. However, reaching a wide audience is the first and foremost thing, to have the best chance of pulling a big sum. One can choose a fundraising platform from various types of options available through online sources.

Types of fundraising platforms:

  • Crowdfunding software: There is various software available that specifically serves the purpose of your crowdfunding. It helps you to create a personal donation page for your funding. There are various personalization options available on these platforms, such that you can pull more attention to your crowdfunding, by adding various texts, photos, videos etc. Crowdfunding software is very effective as it does the collection in real time.
  • CRM software: The Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) software is a very useful crowdfunding platform. It optimizes and organizes the data for more effective crowdfunding. It helps in keeping a track of the donor’s profile such that it facilitates targeted communication system with the donor. It is very useful in event management too.
  • Peer to peer fundraising platform: It is similar to most crowdfunding software. However, in peer-to-peer donation software, the transaction for the non-profit is done directly between the donor and the fundraiser, without any intermediaries in between. The customization of the crowdfunding page can be done by the fundraiser according to their liking. These are generally associated with other events, such that the fundraising goal if accomplished, can be attended or participated by the fundraiser.

Relationship Management

How to select a fundraising platform?

  • Assessment of your needs: A clear estimation and assessment of your crowdfunding requirements, such as the resources like e-mail marketing, grassroots organization and the amount of funding required is the first and foremost thing to consider while opting for a fundraising platform.
  • Estimation of cost and budget: Some fees are expected to be paid for organizing crowdfunding. There various platforms and services offered will have different cost estimates. Therefore, opting the one that best suits your budget is important.
  • Review and comparison: There are different types of platforms available for pulling crowdfunding. However, it is best to read reviews of different types of platforms to make a sound and informed decision. Comparison of the various service and fees, which shall be most suitable for you should be chosen.

Thus, various types of fundraising platform and other aspects for consideration while choosing a platform has been discussed. This can be useful to make a well-informed decision.

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