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Affinity – The best homes to own in Serangoon

 Avenue South Residence

When a person makes a decision to buy a house for him/her or for their family, it is considered to be one of the major decisions of life. It is because people spend a good amount of their hard earned money in a space that they will be calling their home for a major part of their life. For some people, that house will be their only house until they die. This is why people should make the decision after carefully conducting researches on the house that they are going to buy. A house should be a place where a person can relax and feel at peace.

 Avenue South Residence

It is not just a place to sleep and to wake under a roof. There are many important aspects that should be given importance when a person buys a space that he call his home. Living in a space that is owned by a person should be a natural process. Extra effort should not be put into living itself. Affinity at Serangoon is a project that ticks all the above mentioned details about a house. The houses and the units available in this project are carefully built in such a way that they have the maximum airflow any space can offer. They also come with a great ventilation facility with a vast area that is best known for its views.

The gardens that are visible from the units are manicured and are beautifully landscaped in order to provide the best views that will sooth any worried mind. They also have views that are facing the sea and the vistas in an unblocked manner. The floor plan of the project is available online in their official website. UOL is a well known group and they work hard in order to create a masterpiece out of all their works. The professionals in the group believe that only a fine living environment will not be sufficient until it comes along with a great architectural design that look stunning as well. The needs of the buyers are kept in mind while creating iconic building that speaks of the class. The location that this property is situated is also very ideal for people as it is situated at the end of Jalan Bukit Merah. There are a lot of major industrial and commercial buildings in the area. Some of the most important amenities available near the site are schools, Singapore General Hospital and also Sentosa and Keppel.

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