Background for the protection of the ancients (DotA)

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DotA 2, the expected sequel to the successful original DotA, will be released this year. In this short article, we will take a quick look at this amazing game that assails the world of video games.

DotA (Defense of the Ancients) is classified as a real-time combat mod for Warcraft III: The Kingdom of Chaos and its subsequent expansion, Warcraft III: Ice Throne. Each opposing team in DotA seeks to destroy the Ancients of the other, the most important structure located at opposite ends of the map.

Each player receives a hero who is assisted by AI-controlled fighters. The heroes can be updated with gold to buy the best equipment.

Popularity of the game

Over the years, the popularity of the game has exceeded all expectations. Tournaments have been held, even sponsored by Blizzard. DotA Allstars was one of the most important tournaments that was used as a model for the World Cyber ​​Games 2005 in Malaysia and Singapore. World-famous amateur league Cyberathlete have included dota 2 battle cup wins in their line of play.

In Asia, players from Thailand and the Philippines love this game. It is also a favorite role-playing game in Sweden and other countries in northern Europe.

The game did not flourish in North America due to the lack of championships and tournaments in the local network, which led to the dissolution of many teams over time.

The key to DotA’s successful debut was his incredible map created by Steve Fick. Although there will be several maps later, its creation became the dominant version of the map that DotA popularized.

Fick finally succumbed to another developer to continue what he started. Ice Frog, the next developer, added new features, fixes and heroes.

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While there is no official support for the game, Defense of the Ancients is compatible with the official forum. Users can post their offers for more articles or heroes that will eventually be added to the map.

There are also several versions of the game where enemy heroes are controlled by AI.

To date, DotA Allstars has become the most successful tournament in which more than 1,500,000 registered users and one million unique visitors participate every month worldwide.

Although in some parts of the world they are still in their infancy, many players from other developed countries, such as Australia and other European countries, have also contracted fever.


“Defense of the Ancients” is undoubtedly one of the best game news at the moment. In October 2009, Ice Frog decided to work with Valve Corporation to develop the next release, DotA 2. In many ways, the game is DotA, although the characters and aesthetics work as direct ports for the original mod.

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