GTA 5- Is it Worth Playing- A Clear Review

gta v android

A round year and eight months – that’s how much time Rockstar told to wait for the most patient fans.Gta 5 apk finally arrived on personal computers. It’s more beautiful, bigger and richer in content than ever before. Is it enough to buy the same game for the third time?

gta v android

This will not be a model review. We already had two on Spider’s Web – during the premiere of Grand Theft Auto V on the seventh console, followed by the eighth generation. Here I will focus only on the impressions, changes and unique possibilities offered by the game in the version for personal computers.

The edition of the game for personal computers almost does not differ in terms of content from the edition for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It has all the implementations of the November 2014 version – FPP mode, the ability to set the camera from the vehicle’s cockpit, the increased limit of GTA Online players, the multi-person heists focusing on bank robberies … Everything is best here.

What’s new in Grand Theft Auto V on PC? First of all, 60 frames per second!

For the first time in the history of this game, GTA V operates at 60 frames per second. This was only possible thanks to personal computers. Playing on two MSI laptops I was able to achieve such a result, warming up the machine and squeezing the last juices of the GTX960M. The effect is as amazing as it is unnatural.

Flashed at 60 frames per second by Los Santos seemed strange to me. As if the game was accelerated, scrolling forward like on a video recorder. Although I assume that a larger number of FPS is always a better quality of the game, I had to get used to 60 frames in GTA V for a long time. But when I came back to the PlayStation 4 edition, I knew that something had changed forever. I did not want to play on the console anymore. The unprecedented liquidity has done its job.

An extremely extensive addition is the Rockstar Editor. Amateur movie lovers will be thrilled.

Hats off to Rockstar. I have never seen such an extensive system of recording movies, creating and editing them. While the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles can save video from play, the PC edition saves the game on the game engine. It means that later we have the full possibility of editing. From camera shot to implementation of completely new objects. Everything in-engine.

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