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sri lanka jobs

There are number of job seekers who wonder if it is possible to get an employment. It is difficult but now impossible. Nevertheless it is possible to get employed with much less than 200 applications or four months which is the actual statistics of any normal job seeker. There are number of better much effective ways of job application techniques which can fetch jobs in less than a month. A well experienced job recruiter or employer would be well aware of prophesy of job searching is impossible when it comes to predicting the result of a job interview.  The interviews conducted by the HR or the employers are seen more like dating than any outcome of result.

sri lanka jobs

Candidate X may be selected even though another candidate would be equally good. It is nothing other than human chemistry. The recruiters achieve not more than 65% in spite of the interview techniques followed by them. Very rarely has it been witnessed the recruiters being able to get favourable results in a consistent basis.  No other stage is as riskier as the interview stage while getting employed in one job application. Even though it is predictable however it is not in the control of anyone.

Easier to pass telephone interview

It is easier to pass telephone interview much like job application. Job seekers who have read the advertisement and also possess the knowledge required for getting the topjobs there is hardly no reason in being successful in telephone interview. Everyone can easily understand the difference between job interview and a job application. It is nothing but the format of communication. The information sought by the job recruiters in telephone interview is more than that in a job application. Only thing that is required in a job application is being more confident. Job seekers would be able to find the important requirements for getting a desired job nowhere else but in the job advertisement itself. The chances of getting employment can be enhanced if the job seekers are able to collect as much information about the company that they applied for from as many sources possible. At the same the applicants would be able to meet all the demands raised in the job advertisement.

Go through the job ads

The job seekers must go through the job advertisements time and again which normally most job seekers fail to do. Due to this numbers of jobseekers have not been able to reach their final destination. If someone has to be held responsible it is the nation’s education system.

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