How does bitcoin work?

bitcoin work

Bitcoin is one of the most famous crypto currencies that has been used by more people and is the first ever created digital money in the whole world. Many people or even bitcoin users may wonder how this electronic money does work and for them this article will offer the best answer in the easiest way.

 ビットコイ is the electronic money that was created by Satoshi Nakamoto and came to existence in 2009. For bitcoin users and other traders, it is a currency of digital form that is dependent on the computer networks in order to solve complex computational or mathematical problems to view and record the transactional details of every payment that has already by this currency users.

This currency is using a blockchain technology that stores and records each transactions and a public ledger is maintained to see all those transactions and this ledger can be viewed by anyone who are using the crypto currencies. Bitcoin users will be able to identify who is transacting how many crypto currencies with the help of this ledger and therefore, it acts as a record of all transactions.

Since, this digital currency has no central authority to maintain or regulate it, they have no central bank to rely on. But this bitcoin is accepted as a method of payment by more number of traders and its price depends on the level of confidence that their users have. If many people are selling them,, then price may decrease and increase, when they are bought by more users.

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