Introducing Bitcoins: Conversion Of Btc To Inr

Conversion Of Btc To Inr

Bitcoin is purely based on a paper published by Santoshi Nakamoto. It got published in 2009 and gained popularity in 2017. The actual value of bitcoin took place in the year 2018, where people even across the globe knew about its very existence. It became clear that this network is developed with cryptography that works within peer to peer.

How Does It Work?

In a very simple language whenever a transaction is set to take place within two people, bitcoin has to travel all the way through different servers and networks. This cluster of networks acts as a ledger that maintains the record of all the transactions known as Blockchain. So, a bitcoin is sent openly into the blockchain and then it gets to the other end. But then the real work begins. As the transactions take place openly they are secured through cryptography.


Privacy in this day and age, when every device is connected with each other. Every byte of data that we send to each other is observed anyhow. The only way to hide our data is to encrypt it. But what about the transaction details such as the sender, receiver and most importantly account details and passwords. Then cryptography comes to the rescue, it protects the data in a very exclusive way. Once the data is encrypted with cryptography, it takes a lot of computational power to decrypt it. So, even if the data falls in the wrong hand, it won’t be decrypted easily.

So, the structure of Bitcoin is now almost clear. However, it’s not that simple to purchase it and run the transaction because of the complexity of terms like blockchain, cryptography and computational power but you can easily know the way of converting btc to inr.

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