Men’s suit and shirts – Style Mistakes to avoid

grey suit styles

Pay attention to colors because they can make or break your style statement. There must be a certain balance between the suit and shirt color combinations because more often, silly style mistakes are created due to wrong color tones. To look more elegant, you need to avoid dark and multicolor suits and shirts. And if you choose white, it has to be pure white and not with colorful prints, embroidery,and designs!

White and light colors like pink, green, blue, yellow can be combined with many tones and even for bright and dark trousers. You need to ensure not to overdo things. For a business look, you need to get theelegance with a matching tie, socks,and shoes. For a more casual look, you can opt for a scarf, sweater, coat or even colorful tie that gives you all the brightness and attention you need. Patterned and checked shirts need your attention!

grey suit styles

Style – A choice!

Knowing how to dress well is an art and it differs from one person to another. Paying attention to details will make your outfit look more beautiful. Knowing the suit and shirt color combinations will help you dress up for professional events and casual functions effortlessly.

Skin tones and color combinations

Men with fair complexion

  • white – blue, black, red
  • Pink – grey, blue
  • Skyblue – blue, black, beige

Bright colors like yellow, orange can be avoided.

Average complexion

  • Beige – Brown, blue
  • White-black, blue

Too dark and too light shades must be avoided

Dark complexion

  • Beige – Black, blue
  • Blue-grey, navy blue

Too bright and too dark shades can be avoided

It’s the suit and shirt that makes one look smart and beautiful. Pick lighter shades of color during summer and leave the darker ones for winter. White and lighter colors are perfect only if you maintain them well. Your shirts and suit must be free from dust, wrinkles, stains and other defects. Improper color combinations will simply make you look shabby. If you are willing to look elegant and neat, choose the right colors.

Take the size of your suit and shirt into consideration. Too small or too tight is not best! Seek a charm with tucked in shirts and buttoned shirts. Forget poorly stitched outfit and start choosing the ones that are designed for your size. Wear the right number of accessories and throw an elegant look.

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