Nothing is more productive than a good review

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Google has made life as easy as ABC. Anything you want to know about is on your fingertips, thanks to Google. One generation ago, people had to browse through libraries and read through newspapers and enroll in employment exchanges to keep themselves updated. But here we are. The generation Y, we have all information beyond a single click. But are these information relevant? Are they appropriate?Are they trustworthy? Here is where the reviews come handy. Google opinie tell us about the firsthand experiences of the people who have been in the same place where we are right now.

How important is a review?

A report by Brightlocal study reveals that 84% of people buy into online reviews as much as they trust their friends. That’s an amazing number. Isn’t it? A mere 30 words review by some unknown stranger whom you have never met can change your mind towards a product, or an idea. However, the authentication of reviews should also be considered. A myriad of fake and casual reviews is not something very uncommon. There are too many instances where we come across irresponsible use of impolite languages and unconcerned and relaxed way of putting up information.

What should be considered while adding a review?

Things that should be kept in mind while reviewing is that the review has to be:

  • Helpful to the people who want to know more about that particular thing: You don’t want someone else to have the same bad experience that you had dining in some restaurant, so it’s necessary to write down every single detail that would help your fellow netizen to choose or dismiss that restaurant
  • Authentic: Many times we see that the ratings and the reviews do not tally with each other. A person who is rating a place with 2 stars and reviewing it as “excellent” doesn’t qualify to be a good reviewer.
  • Informative: Just writing a mere “good” or “bad” doesn’t qualify as adding a good review. For a restaurant to be reviewed well, a reviewer must analyze through the taste of the food served, presentation, time is taken to serve, pricing, staff’s behavior, etc. thoroughly and then write down the review so that the reader is maximum benefitted by it.
  • Unbiased: Just because the majority has rated a place above average doesn’t mean you will have to eulogize it too, even if you didn’t like the service. The reviews must be free from any kind of bias.

google opinieHow to write a negative review?

Reviews need not be positive all the time. However, the satisfaction level of each person differs from the other. A particular dish served in a particular restaurant may be liked and disliked by two people at the same time. Whatever be the case, one must always resort to polite words. Being unbiased is very important in this case too. You can’t rate a place unworthy because your friend didn’t like that place.

Good or bad,Google reviews are as important as the information itself. It takes hardly a few seconds to add a review on a product or place but it saves someone else precious hours and money by just going through it and making a choice for the product. Hence, one should not pull himself back from this easy way of social service.

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