Reasons to Select Bolted Tanks for Your Needs

Select Bolted Tanks

Storage tanks actually play an important role in different kinds of businesses & organizations that includes processing plants and manufacturing, ranch operations and agricultural, water treatment facilities, fire protection services, and water distribution systems. They are used for storing many kinds of liquids and dry goods, which include potable and non-potable water, food products, wastewater, sand, drilling mud, or other materials. Being reliable and cost-effective, they should be installed and manufactured easily and quickly and stay durable enough and last for many years without any kind of leaks and frequent maintenance.

Both welded and concrete steel tanks are reliable and durable storage options, however they are quite expensive, tough to install as well as hard to maintain. One more option is bolted tanks that are manufactured in the sections at the controlled facility, and shipped onto your location & assembled on site, efficiently and quickly. They provide the complete strength of the welded steel tanks, and with simple maintenance and greater flexibility. Here are some best reasons of selecting bolted tanks for your storage needs:

concrete steel tanks

Available in Different Sizes

Bolted tanks are manufactured in various capacities, and ranging from some thousand gallons to a million. They are custom made to fit your application, with different heights, widths or other characteristics. In the areas where there is limited space, these tanks are made narrow and tall for the smaller footprint, or made wider where the vertical space is a little constrained. Design options are limitless and will allow for the great flexibility in the demanding applications.

Comes Durable

The bolted tanks are made up from the individual sections, which are formed, welded & finished at the controlled manufacturing facility, by using best-quality of carbon, galvanized and stainless steel, which meets applicable API and ASTM requirements. Every section gets bolted together in a filed using appropriate gasket material, like Buna-N gaskets or EDPM rubber, all along with the fasteners made from galvanized, stainless steel or carbon. For a little protection from leaks, contamination, and corrosion, fasteners are capped or completely encapsulated with the poly-based materials, and installed by using neoprene washers. All these features will result in the tank that is highly durable, with the long life cycle & minimal maintenance.

Simple to Repair

Concrete & field-welded tanks need frequent maintenance and are tough to repair in case they get damaged, needing special equipment or personnel with an appropriate welding and concrete experience. The bolted tanks need very minimal maintenance, due to their durable finish & reliable gaskets.

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