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It is a known fact that every time we enter into any other state or place that is crowded with celebs and great personalities, we are required to prove our identity. Here’s a solution for it. Now ease the website of that is successful in offering duplicate driving license and state identification cards with the same security features as the original one if you are a resident of California. They use high-quality variable ink that makes their printing intact and assures the customer’s guarantee satisfaction with hologram and UV that offers then flawless scanning which got it recognized as standalone ‘Best Fake ID Website’ in the market. Do visit the site of if you want to purchase a scannable novelty California ID that clears all the tests and comes with a validity period of 5-6 years to offer you a fantastic experience to enter in any location without any hassles.

Salient Features of FakeYourID Website:

Although there are many license issuing companies in the market, they are a bit time taking. As soon as this FakeYourID website launched its services in California, it helped many to receive duplicate cards on their name that are scannable and clears the bend test with hologram and UV. The customer is required to mention the old or new California card in the state column as more than42 states had availed their services with guaranteed satisfaction.

Fake IDs

The California fake ID card template holds a pair of ghosts at front side and back engraved of a gold digger with hat and beard.  You can also view the DOB of the cardholder on the photo that is exposed under UV light. Thus they have their personalized template for each state and prepare these fake ID cards using polycarbonate, Teslin and PVC material which are cheap but revamped and present your Fake ID card with full features that pass backlight test, barcodes on back flawlessly.

Hence leverage the facility of this website to get your fake ID at the lowest price of $125 that is meticulously designed and crafted with industry based professionals to get your duplicate id as they strive to maintain a standard template that can be used for multiple purposes. Once you’re ordered fake ID is dispatched or shipped to your address all the information stored in their generator system gets erased to keep your order as a private affair.


Get your duplicate California ID card from this top-rated FakeYourID website that has successfully catered its services in more than 42 states and still in progress to extend their services in the following places of OH, KS, AR, DE, MN. No doubt their fake ID’s are replica of original and offer you multiple benefits of having a license and get scanned and swiped at important locations without any hassles. For more info, visit their website or make a phone call to their customer service who is working 24/7 who will guide you on how to proceed.

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