fiberglass pools Missouri

Swimming is a great workout. You need to move your entire body against the resistance of the water. It is a good all-round activity. It keeps your heart rate up but it also takes some of the impact stress off your body. It also builds endurance, muscle strength, and cardiovascular fitness.

Having fiberglass pools Missouri has a lot of benefits. It offers a means of social interaction, relaxation, and stress relief. A swimming pool also adds value to your property. You should ensure its maintenance and proper care. There are minor pool issues that do not cause any noticeable problems. But there are also major issues that pose health and safety risks. So how do you know when to schedule a repair for your swimming pool? What pool issues should you look for?

fiberglass pools Missouri

Walls begin to crack

The walls of concrete swimming pools usually begin to show cracks after some period of time. Cracks often mean water leakages that waste some water. It also weakens and erodes the soil surrounding the entire structure. A professional can fix this problem with ease. Cracks can also be because of the poor structural design. As well as the use of sub-standard cement and insufficient sealing.

Clogged filter

Sometimes the water still seems dirty or cloudy even after water treatment. You might have a problem with your pipework if that is the case. It is possible that debris already blocked the pipes. This diminishes water flow through your pool filters.  The water will remain filthy even if you treat the water. Unless you bring in a professional to remove those offending debris. You should change the sand filter every three to five years to avoid this.

Pump issues

Unclean water can also be a sign that something is wrong with your pool pump. Pool pumps are responsible for cleaning the water in your pool. Something may be wrong with it if you see dirt, debris, algae, or bugs in your pool. It is better to leave the job to the professionals.

Water is almost freezing

If the water in your pool is still freezing even if you have a heater, then the heater might be malfunctioning. It is possible that it does not get enough water flow. Heaters fail to work when something is blocking air inflow. It is best to call for a professional’s help. A new heating system is often the solution especially if the heater already reached the end of its rope.

Some people choose to do repairs themselves. But the results will always be better if you call a professional to do the job.

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