Want to buy the Best Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pool? Here are some Tips

Everyone wants their swimming pool to be very much clean. We cannot manually clean our pool. Sand Filters are the cleaners for pool. They suck out every type of waste that could be bad for your pool and make it clean. Since these are essential devices, you need to have the best sand filter pump for above ground pool. So, here are our tips to get the best.

  • Size of Pool Matters

You may be very much reluctant to buy a good filter. But remember that the size of your swimming pool matters a lot in this case. You need to have a filter so that it is compatible with your pool size. Buying a small one can get damaged easily but buying a large one can cost you more.

  • Power of pool filter

Power of your pool filter matters too. If your pool is big and you have a small power filter, it might not be able to clean your pool correctly, so you need to focus on the power of filter too. Having a big one in these cases might be the best option.

  • Type of filter

It is not necessary that you have to buy a sand filter only, you can go for many other options. Such as,

  1. The Sand Filter

The oldest and expensive too. These Filters use the technique of backflow or reverse flow of water to get all the dirt out of the pool. These last up to five years.

  1. The Cartridge Filter

These filters are the latest and can remove the dirt as small as fifteen microns. These last up to 3 years.

  1. The Diatomaceous Earth Filter (The DE Filter)

These are the most expensive and effective ones. They filter dirt as small as few microns. These last for a considerable period.

  • Size of filter

Size of filters is one of the biggest concerns. A small filter might not be able to clean the pool. Using a small one can cause system damage, make it burn and whatnot. Buying a big one is an excellent option, but at the same time, it might cause a little trouble since the big ones can cost you very much.

The Bottom Line

So, here were some of our tips to buy the best one. Just keep them in mind when you buy the best sand filter pump for above ground pool.

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