What is Bitcoin How its Work


Bitcoin emerges as a new idea of ​​money that uses cryptography and is a concept that has its origin as early as 1998 although it is from 2010 when many people involved in this project focus on the exponential development of Bitcoin.

біткойн is designed so that nobody controls or owns the Bitcoin network, that is, just like nobody owns the technology behind emails, nobody owns the technology behind Bitcoin. Bitcoin is controlled by all users in the world. Also, the monetary issue is scheduled in advance so that there are never more than 21 million units.

The main advantages of Bitcoin are the following:

Limited Issuance

In Bitcoin, no single person can make thousands of bitcoins one daybreak since suddenly you sense like a official or a banker. There will by no means be additional than 21 million and all come into view by removal, always below completely public rules.

Without barriers

In Bitcoin, you are your store. But  in responsibility so you do not disburse for an account opening price, monthly preservation fees or false charge as if it happen in a bank. You do not disburse to have credit cards (in fact it is not wanted, it is an out of dated skill)… Having a folder is free and with it you can stock up all the bitcoins that you desire, as well as send bitcoins to any division of the planet without anybody I banned it.


In period of theft of steady in order, industrial espionage and civilization by government and cybercriminals and, yet more, with the appearance of advanced large Data techniques, it is more significant than ever to take care of our privacy, keeping it in a Very elevated score Bitcoin has this very internalized concept.

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