Your Journey Begins Here; The XDS Bicycle Company

xds bikes

There is one thing about innovators: the passion with which they do their thing. This is what defines the Xds Bicycle Company. They are passionate about bicycles, the passion of which drives them to innovate and push for new limits and breakthroughs. The company understands the bikers’ daily thrill for better rides and adventure, and endeavors to achieve that for every cycling fan.

xds bikes

The Future in the Eyes of XDS

XDS envisions itself working towards a future with reduced carbon emissions and enhanced healthy living, promoting riding as a hobby, improving transportation for the increasingly tech-savvy city dwellers. XDS believes in a better community and a better world. The bicycle is no longer a frame on wheels. XDS believes otherwise: a bike is beyond wheels and a frame.


Talking of diversity and versatility, Xds bicycle are very diverse. They can be categorized into age groups, sex and terrain. XDS has factored many things in its manufacturing processes. It factors height and weight, as well as city and countryside terrains. Children, as well as adults, have their choices. Likewise, whether, you consider yourself obese or not, there a suitable bike for you. Whether, you consider yourself too tall or too short to ride, there a suitable XDS Bicycle for you. City dwellers have just what is perfect for them, as well as those in the countryside, especially in hilly terrains. The XDS e-bike is just perfect for such fork.

 XDS Global

The XDS brand is now virtually fully global. The company’s expansion policy has seen it open assemblies in many strategic countries around the world. XDS Australia is one of such, with the Malaysia franchise also doing great, not forgetting the Chinese entity, among many others. The company endeavors to be as close as possible to its core markets, besides venturing into new ones. With a vision to reach every cycling fan alive, the global brand is simply unstoppable.


XDS has invested heavily in research, both structural for the frame, and environmental as well. With increasing traffic jams in cities around the world and increased carbon emissions by mirror vehicles, the company projects a rise in sales in the coming years as governments and experts strive to reduce carbon fumes by cars. As such, has strategically positioned itself fill the void as the environment-friendly option. Hence, the enhanced research activities. There’s just no limit to its innovation.

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